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Career hub

Your next career milestone begins here. Explore our recruitment process, pick up interview tips and tricks, and learn about our employee benefits.

Our process

Our hiring process blends creativity, skill, and precision to select a world-class team comprised of innovative, imaginative people.

Initial screening

This is your moment to share with us the experiences that have shaped you. Tell us how you envision your impact at DeepL and how your values align with the company mission.

Interview with a hiring manager

In this one-on-one interview, we’re eager to hear about your professional journey. In this stage, you can demonstrate how your skills and expertise will help take DeepL forward.

Competency assessment

In the competency assessment, you can showcase your expertise through a predetermined task. The task will illustrate a day-in-the-life of a DeepL employee, and gives your work a chance to shine.

Peer interview

Join a meeting with your potential team members to talk through how they work and create together.

Final review

Our team will come together to discuss your application and interview rounds, in an effort to find the ideal candidate for the role.

Offer extension

Congratulations on reaching this milestone! We are ready to iron out all the details and get you on board for this next chapter of your career.

Our hiring process is remote-friendly, and all interview stages are conducted virtually

Tips and tricks

Want to gain a competitive edge? Our career experts have got you covered! Discover actionable advice on how to land your dream role at DeepL.

Discover the exciting perks of being a part of our team

Our benefits

Regular in-person team events

Build strong connections with colleagues through spirited and collaborative in-person events

Flexible working hours

Thrive with the hours that help you feel the most productive. Our flexible working scheme is designed for optimal collaboration across teams and time zones

Comprehensive paid days off

Relax and recharge with fully paid leave

Training budget

We invest in our employees. Take advantage of an annual training allowance to further your professional development

Health insurance

Stay well and feel your best with a comprehensive health plan

Parental leave

Welcoming a new addition? Our parental leave benefits are here to support you and your growing family

If you’re passionate about collaborative work that will make a global impact—we would love to meet you!