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Meet DeepL

Championing diversity throughout the year

Meet Amber Janko and Juan Cortés, the dynamic leaders behind DeepL's “PROUD-AI” Employee Resource Group (ERG). Juan, based in Cologne, Germany, and Amber, based in the UK, share their valuable insights into creating an inclusive workplace where every individual is valued.

How we create inclusive workplaces and experiences at DeepL

Ryan Cantal, DeepL's Workplace Experience Manager, emphasizes the company's commitment to inclusivity. With a focus on physical accommodations and diversity initiatives, DeepL, led by Ryan and the Belonging, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, strives to create a supportive workplace environment.

Bridging linguistic divides with empathy and technology

Yukiko Yamakura's journey at DeepL showcases empathy and language as catalysts for global connections. Her role highlights the company's supportive culture of diversity and inclusion, emphasizing the transformative power of technology in bridging cultural divides.

Living our values with the Go-to-Market team

In the stories of Mara, Mehdi, Lynn, Christopher, and Ryo, we witness DeepL's values come to life. Their stories illuminate how empathy, strategic thinking, decisive actions, and teamwork shape our culture and drive meaningful change.

Your guide to DeepL's interview journey for the Sales team

At DeepL, our interview process is designed to ensure that both the candidate and the company are a perfect fit for each other. Let's break down the process into four distinct stages.

The “Women at DeepL” Employee Resource Group

In this interview, Muneeba Mughal shares insights into her role at DeepL, as well as the formation and mission of “Women at DeepL”, an Employee Resources Group (ERG) and her personal journey and vision for fostering diversity and inclusion within the tech industry. 

How I advanced my career at DeepL

Recently, Segolene Daccache, part of our Employer Branding team, sat together with Margot Novo to talk about her career journey at DeepL and the valuable lessons she learned along the way.

Discover what makes our life #InsideDeepL so special here